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Ciro's Lab

Ciro's Pokémon Maker

Ciro's Pokémon Maker
AR Max Duo Code Manager
XPort Code Manager

1. Overview
            Ciro's Pokémon Maker is a freeware program built with the same root engine KPDavatar used to make his first maker. That means Ciro's Pokémon Maker is a conversion to the executable enviroment of the Pokemon Maker KPDavatar did in html code. However, the very first Pokémon Maker was programmed by XYZman, during the past days of Ruby and Sapphire. All praises should go to these guys, who worked hard to bring to all cheaters the finest master-piece of art that the Pokemon Maker represents.
          The Pokemon Maker series has been developed mainly by these three people, but many more contributed to the projects ran so far. We can add up more than five years of researching and programmation used to make this project the way you have access now. Hope you enjoy!
2. What Ciro's Pokémon Maker does?
           1. Ciro's Pokémon Maker is able to create any pokémon, with any stats, movepools, item held, shininess and much more. With Ciro's Pokémon Maker, you have plenty room to create whatever you ever desired to have.
           2. Do not look for item codes anywhere else. Ciro's Pokémon Maker offers codes for all games, with all items available. How about 999 Master Balls?
           3. Find out the secret data of your pokemon, such as IVs, EVs, secret ID and much more. Option available only for ARv3, Visual Boy and GameSharkv2 users.
In general, Ciro's Pokémon Maker suits perfectly for all your code purposes.
3. Support Info
Ciro's Pokémon Maker gives support to the following cheat devices:
          1. GamShark Advance v2 or lower
          2. Action Replay v3 or higher (including Action Replay Max Duo)
          3. CodeBreaker Advance and GameShark Advance SP (still implementing)
          4. Visual Boy Advance emulator
4. Download
          Current version: 0.9.8
          Date: 11/26/05

5. Next steps
        I am working on the GSSP hardware support. I have already it working plenty for Ruby/Sapphire and Emerald, but for FR/LG I am facing more problems than I expected. Luckily I am counting with the incredible help of two great hackers, Labmaster and GatorShark. Thank you very much!
        At the same time, I am hacking the .fcd file extension in order to give to the users the option to export the GSSP codes directly to the cheat device, without having to punching them in the device all the time. I am facing difficulties too, but nothing that I can't get over. Hopefully, I will program a stuff like the AR Code Manager and the XPort Code Manager for the .fcd files soon. Look for it!
        Also, I am implementing a Windows XP interface in the program.
        Finally, if you'd like to write a good tutorial for the Pokemon Maker, I would be imensily grateful (I am a lazy ass when it comes to write stuff).

6. Here are some frequently asked questions: 

1. How can I enter codes in Visual Boy emulator?

In order to enter codes in Visual Boy emulator, follow the steps below:

1. Run Ciro's Pokémon Maker. Customize the pokemon the way you want and select the game you're currently playing. Make sure you check the option Output master codes and the hardware option VBA.
2. Press Codes button. If you're playing Pokemon FireRed, LeafGreen or Emerald, the anti-DMA code will be displayed at the top of the clipboard. You need to activate the anti-DMA before entering the pokemon codes.To know how you can activate the Anti-DMA, go to step 3.
3. Run the emulator and the ROM. Load your game save. Click on Cheats menu, and then Cheat List. A dialog box with many buttons will be displayed. Click on GameShark button and paste the anti-DMA code. Go back to your game and enter and leave any building. This is extremely important, you must change the screen in which  you are before using the pokemon codes. If you do not do that, th anti-DMA will not be activated.
4. Now you can input the pokemon codes. As you selected VBA hardware option on Ciro's Pokémon Maker, you need to paste the codes at Codes button on Cheat List dialog box. You can also use GamShark, Action Replay and CodeBreaker codes, by selecting the proper button on Cheat List. GameShark and Action Replay are both entered in GameShark button. The difference between them is that, if there is any space separating the digits in the code, the emulator will consider it is an Action Replay code. If not, it will be GameShark code.
2. What's Secret ID?
Secret ID is a special number hidden from the user which acts the same way of your normal ID. In other words, if you have two pokemon with same IDs and trainer names and their secret IDs are different, the game will consider that they were caught by different trainers. Actually, it is just one more way of Nintendo to stop hackers and another parameter of making each gameplay in the world unique, knowing the chances of having two people in the world with the same ID and secret ID (not taking in considration names, gender and cartridges) is 1/ 4294967296. About a way to find out your secret ID, you can use Ciro's Pokémon Maker Trainer info import feature (for Action Replay v3, GameShark Advance v2 or Visual Boy Advance users). Action Replay Max Duo owners can also use the codes below:
A9CAA278 B6EFE047
FA034D9B 4D8B35A9

6028CDAE 99993B05
FA034D9B 4D8B35A9

EA131032 CF5F8739
FA034D9B 4D8B35A9
The secret id will be displayed instead of your regular id on the Summary screen of any pokemon you caught. Notwithstanding, it is important to look at the summary of a pokemon YOU caught, not traded or whatever, as the secret id displayed would be wrong.
3. What's Bad Egg?
The pokemon data is stored in the form of numbers. Of course there are a bunch of rules to regen these numbers. If one, and I will enphasize, JUST one of these rules ar broken, Bad Egg will appear. If you get a Bad Egg, then probably you didnt inserted the codes correctly or maybe you didn't activate the anti-DMA code. On Pokemon FireRed, LeafGreen and Emerald, the anti-DMA code  you got to enter the anti-DMA code. It is not recommended to save your game if a Bad Egg pops up. Turn off your game, and check the codes you entered to see if anything went wrong. Naturally, you can delete a Bad Egg by using another pokemon code at the same spot where the Bad Egg is currently located.
4. Can I replace Ciro's Pokémon Maker that comes with MetalKid Pokémon Program by a newer version release?
Yes, you can. Just make sure you rename the newer version by cirospokemonmaker. If you didn't the program won't run in his program. I would like to thank MetalKid for being so kind to host my program within his.

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